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BOOP!: Magic Leap and iPhone X Party Game


"BOOP!" is a two-player mixed reality party game played using the Magic Leap One and an iPhone X. It was built in two and a half days at the MIT Reality Virtually Hackathon in collaboration with Awu Chen and Sagar Ramesh.

In the game, two players -- one with the Magic Leap and the other with the phone -- compete against each other. The player with the iPhone's facial expression is mapped onto a virtual chicken that the player wearing the Magic Leap throws objects at. The goal for the Magic Leap player is to make the iPhone player laugh by launching funny objects at the chicken, and the person with the phone has to try to keep a straight face. If the iPhone player can refrain from laughing for 60 seconds, they win, but if they crack, the Magic Leap player wins. 

For "BOOP!" we use the iPhone X to track the player's facial expression. We then use these inputs to control blendshapes on our chicken rig. So, when the player moves or smiles the chicken does too. We also track value changes in these inputs to determine when the iPhone player laughs.

On the other hand, the player in the Magic Leap sees a virtual representation of the chicken as well as an interface that gives them the ability to pelt flip flops, steak, fish, or eggs at the chicken. Strategic object launching and well-timed jokes are the keys to success! 

The player wearing the Magic Leap throws funny items at the chicken in attempt to make the player with the iPhone laugh.

The player with the iPhone controls the chicken with their facial expression and head movement.


From left to right: Brenda, Awu, and Sagar at MIT Media Lab (January 2019).

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