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Week 1

Unfortunately I do not know what I want to do for my thesis anymore. Over summer I grew bored with the idea I pitched last semester and am trying to think of something new at the moment. Here's where I am currently:

Goals for new thesis:

  • an immersive installation that makes people feel as though they have stepped into another dimension or time

  • I want people to feel a sense of magic, serenity, and wonder

  • Integrate different types of sensors (motion, conductivity, heat, etc.), LEDs, primitive robotics to create the illusion that the space is alive

  • Either have no narrative or a loose, non-linear journey-like narrative

  • Fit in a 20 by 20 ft. space, be tall enough so that tall people (6 foot 7???) don’t have to crouch down

  • Must be portable and light enough to transport (separate pieces that will be put together during installation), but durable enough not to be broken

  • Tactile experience where there are almost no boundaries, almost everything can be interacted with

  • Interactive, world must feel alive

  • Some element of reflection (mirror?) and transformation of the audience (projection mapping onto audience’s bodies while they look at themselves in the mirror?)

  • Feeling of transformation or rebirth upon exit

  • Projected animations

  • whimsical/ childlike but elevated so it doesn’t look tacky

  • Intricate details, the closer you look, the more there is to discover (interesting textures, tiny projected animations, etc.)

  • sculptural / real-world 3D element


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I think you have excellent ideas. Hopefully they will begin to gel after your crit.

Me gusta
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