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Week 12/13???

I'm not sure what week we're in. I'm pretty sure it's week 13 but my last blog post says 11 and I've never missed a week so I'm confused. Anyway here's my progress for this week:

-I mapped out our plug and play pipeline (image below). In Touchdesigner we'll be separating each graphic and function into separate containers that we will feed into each other. There will be overhead scripts that control the flow of visual content and timers that can be tweaked for each.

Sorry for the chicken scratch drawing, I'll do my best to explain it. All the way on the left we'll have a node that takes in the Kinect data which will be connected to two containers. One of the containers will take in the Kinect data and filter it to create a 2D silhouette mask that we will later use for compositing 2D graphics. The other container will use the same Kinect data to generate a point cloud that we will use to create a 3D mesh for 3D graphics. These two container nodes will feed into an arbitrary number of graphics containers where we will be computing textures and shaders. These graphic nodes will all feed into an "out" node that will render and project the graphics. In between, we'll have another node that runs a "master script" that will tell the program when to send the Kinect data to either the 2D or point cloud containers and a timer node that tells the program when to render each graphic.

-We also played around more with shaders and how it would look mapped onto the human silhouette.

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How exciting! It looks so good Brenda!

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