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Week 3

This week was a week of marinating (more on this later) and recruitment. I interviewed 5 engineers and chose 2 to hire. I also reached out to an old professor who inspired me to pursue VR and he has agreed to be my engineering advisor! 😃More updates below:

Rough Floor Plan: will probably change later based on venue, outlet locations, and other logistics.

More on marinating: This is my favorite word and I will continue to use it so I'll define it here:


/ˈmerəˌnāt/ verb

To keep an idea brewing in the back of your mind. Often if an idea is allowed to marinate in brain juices long enough it will involve into something more complex and concrete. "This week I marinated my thesis idea instead of creating concept art so that I could develop my idea further. Once my idea is ready to be cooked, I will create the concept art."

Current Team:

-me (animator, sculptor, engineer)

-Kaley (animator, sculptor)

-Yimin (animator)

-Arvind (engineer)

-Rutul (engineer)

-David (composer)

-my dad (fabrication)


-Mike (visual and conceptual development, projection mapping)

-Martzi (installation fabrication, sensor setup)

-Vangelis (conceptual development, interaction design, sensor setup and implementation)

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Ooooh- marinating sounds delicious! All of this work is a very necessary precursor to your creative work. I like the maze-like floor plan. It feels very intimate. This is shaping up nicely!

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