Week 5

Made a lot of progress this week in terms of scheduling and ideation! On Saturday I held my first thesis team meeting. It was really great to catch up with team members and introduce them to each other. Together we developed a workflow and schedule for production and set milestones for this first semester.

I also met with Mike and my dad to discuss possible architectural structures for the cave. Currently we are researching different materials and forms that would be sturdy enough to be freestanding while supporting projectors and sensors. At the moment, I am researching the possibility of a dome cut apart like pizza slices that can be locked together and torn apart. If this type of structure is feasible, it would make setup, breakdown, and transportation easier.

Lastly, I did some shopping/material gathering. During the week, I went to the Fashion District and bought some test fabric with interesting textures and finishes. Mike also gave me a large, white paint coverall that audience members can wear for a brighter projection surface. I'm hoping to start doing projection tests this week. I just got a kinect and will start experimenting in Touchdesigner this week.