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Week 8

Can't believe it's week 8! Time flies by so fast!

Here's my progress for the past week:

-First meeting with the whole development team: Today I held my first full-team meeting. Before I had been meeting with everyone as we worked separately, but now that we've been making progress, we decided to meet as a team to reconnect and check in. From here on out, we will be having weekly Monday meetings where we will present our work from the past week. This way we can all be on the same page and learn from each other.

-Animation Ideation: I spent the last two weeks "marinating" on the overall narrative and look of the projected animations. This week I started a Pinterest board for inspiration as a way to organize my references. (You can view it here: This week I plan to collect more inspiration/references and continue ideating for the animated portion of my installation. I hope to complete a storyboard/animatic in the next few weeks.

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Good idea to met weekly. I would love to know what you are thinking in terms of animation.

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