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Week 9

SO MUCH PROGRESS WAS MADE THIS WEEK! Here's some updates and funny pictures:

1.) Tested projection on different types of cloth. They both reflect light beautifully (my terrible camera does not do it justice).

Sheer glitter cloth

Iridescent metallic cloth

2.) Met with my thesis team and we figured out how to separate bodies from the floor!!! We found that it took toying around with the "unknown number" in the Kinect TOP in Touchdesigner AND the threshold node that comes after it that allows us to isolate the person's silhouette. This is a huge win for us, because this problem was one of our biggest unknowns. Now that it's solved, we have a bit more time to create animated content.

We attached the kinect to the ceiling

The kinect is around 10 feet off the ground which is the height we planned for the final.

Kaley and I sacrificing our bodies to art.

Depth data of me and Kaley in Touchdesigner.

Arvind and Rutul!

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Hurray!!! Great work Brenda! And excellent documentation!

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