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Tummy Trouble: Facial AR Projection Game

The iPhone player controls when the stomach creature opens its mouth to catch the food and when to close its mouth to avoid it. 

"Tummy Trouble" is a funky two-player game played using an iPhone X, an Xbox Kinect, and a projector. In this game, a stomach creature is projected onto the belly of one of the players while the second player controls the stomach creature's facial expression and mouth movements using the iPhone. The goal is to make the stomach creature eat the healthy food and avoid the junk food that's falling down towards its mouth.


The game advances if the player with the iPhone opens their mouth to catch the good food, but if they eat the unhealthy food they lose a life. Once three lives are lost, the game is over. 

The player being projected on acts as the canvas, and if they move or rotate the projection changes perspective and remains tracked onto their body. We use the Kinect to track their orientation. 

"Tummy Trouble" was made in collaboration with Awu Chen, Caleb Bladh, Sagar Ramesh, and Yimin Zhang.

The iPhone tracks the player's facial expression which is mapped onto the stomach creature projected onto the other player.

The projection stays tracked to the player when they move and changes perspective when they rotate.

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