Opal: An Immersive Light Bath



"“Opal” is an immersive light bath shared between four people. In this experience participants get to relax in a crystal pool and interact with colorful animations that are projected onto their bodies. This installation is a mix of fine arts, animation, and tech. All the crystal sculptures were handmade and sculpted from styrofoam, the projected visuals are a mix of 2D and 3D animation, and the interactions were created using an Xbox Kinect and a software called Touchdesigner.


I created this project to promote stress relief and relaxation. Life is so fast paced and hectic nowadays so I wanted to created something that allows people to wind down and have fun. I believe that there’s something really magical and calming about basking in rainbow light and wanted to craft an experience around that.



I served as the creative director for this project. This role included creating the animations, sculpting the crystals, designing the set and interactions, and installing the final piece. I worked closely with a of team of amazing artists -- Kaley Cho (Technical Artist), Arvind Bright (Creative Engineer), David Deedwania (Composer), Will Michaelsen (Touchdesigner Wizard and Advisor), Mike Patterson (Advisor), and Sheila Sofian (Advisor) -- who helped make this installation a reality. 




To create an intimate experience that puts people in a relaxed and otherworldly state of mind. 


Coming soon...