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Opal: An Immersive Light Bath



"“Opal” is an immersive light bath where participants relax in a crystal pool and bask in colorful animations. This piece was created with the intention to promote stress relief and relaxation through playful interactions. In this installation, participants are bathed in rainbow light that can be bent to their will. As they move and wiggle about, participants can see themselves and how their movements distort and remix the psychedelic visuals that are being projected onto their bodies in an overhead mirror. With Opal, participants are in complete control and can define their own experience. The more they move, the more the animations, and fun, intensifies. Or, they can choose to remain still and let the hypnotic visuals and warm lights relax and calm their minds.


I created this project to promote stress relief and relaxation. Life is so fast paced and hectic nowadays so I wanted to created something that allows people to wind down and have fun. I believe that there’s something really magical and calming about basking in rainbow light and wanted to craft an experience around that.


I served as the creative director for this project. This role included creating the animations, sculpting the crystals, designing the set and interactions, and installing the final piece. I worked closely with a of team of amazing artists -- Kaley Cho (Technical Artist), Arvind Bright (Creative Engineer), David Deedwania (Composer), Will Michaelsen (Touchdesigner Wizard and Advisor), Mike Patterson (Advisor), and Sheila Sofian (Advisor) -- who helped make this installation a reality. 




To create an intimate experience that puts people in a relaxed and otherworldly state of mind. 


Coming soon... 

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