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Week 14

Can't believe it's week 14 already. Time flew by so fast. Here's my progress for this week:

-We had to postpone our weekly thesis team meeting since it was a crazy week for all of us. I'll write an update post once we meet, but for now we're still working on creating more visuals and the pipeline in Touchdesigner.

-We have an space secured! On Saturday, Crystal, Ana, our advisors, and I went to visit our exhibition gallery in the arts district. There we did final inspections and discussed logistics and tech specs. Then, we signed the contract. Yay!

The meat of this week was dedicated to logistics. I spent a lot of my thesis time researching different types of projectors, calculating projector angles and distances, reviewing contracts, and thinking of ways to efficiently install the installation. I feel that it is more important to smooth out these technical qualms before proceeding with visuals as they will make or break the final piece.

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I agree- it is important to iron out the technical details first! Good work.

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