Week 15

Halfway through! Here's my updates for this week

-Our Touchdesigner pipeline is mostly done. We just need to combine all of the separate elements we've built into one master file and then we're good to go!

General workflow: Timer node switches between different video clips based on an external time table

-We've been experimenting with different visual styles and the most effective ways to create them in Touchdesigner. So far we've played with chromatic aberration, adding noise to point cloud data mesh to create a gooey feel, texture displacement, water and smoke shaders, and dissolve transitions.

Texture displacement

Chromatic aberration

Water shader and noise for dissolve transition

Feedback loop outline drawing

-My composer also sent in his first pass for music. He mapped out the tonal feel of the 4 different stages for the experience along a 4 minute track. So far the music seems too dark and ominous to me so we'll be working on a second pass in the weeks to come. You can hear the first pass here:

-I've reserved the stage for next Monday. During this session we'll be hanging the kinect, projectors, and mirrors from pods and testing our workflow. We are hoping to create a proof of concept.