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Week 2

Things are looking up this week! Made some more progress on my idea and am in the process of recruiting new members to join my team :) Here's where I'm at:

Installation Breakdown: (all these names are temporary and I will change them later)

-Stage 1 "Anticipation": This is the waiting period before entering the installation. Only 4 people at a time can be inside the crystal cave, everyone else must queue and wait for their turn. During this period, there will be interactive resin crystals set up around the cave that people can interact with, LEDs snaking the surface of the cave, as well as projections on the cave's surface to keep people entertained as they wait.

-Stage 2 "Journey" : The crystal cave will be split into two main parts, this is the first. This section encompasses 2 different entrances to the cave. The first entrance will be a standard-sized doorway people can walk through and the second will be a tunnel that people can crawl through. Both entrances will include sensors that track the progress of audience members and trigger events (LEDs lighting up, flowers blooming, etc.) as they move through the tunnel. This stage acts as an introduction to the space and allows people to explore and become immersed in the new world.

-Stage 3 "Transformation": The experience culminates in a final chamber where all four audience members will gather for a transformation ritual. At this stage, people will be instructed to lay on the ground and look up. On the ceiling are mirrors where people can watch themselves as their bodies transform through projection mapping.

The installation breakdown above is still a rough concept. I will spend the next week fleshing it out, creating more of a flow/storyline, and making concept art. As for team members, I have one animator/sculptor and a composer. I pitched my thesis concept at the thesis pitch event this past Friday and have been approached by 5 engineers. I'll be meeting with them this upcoming week and will choose one to hire by the weekend. That's all for this week!

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I love this structure! I wonder if you may want some sort of conclusion/reflection at the very end as people leave? I love your ideas. So glad you have found collaborators that are excited to work with you!

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